In Honor of
Otto Steinkopf,
20th Century Pioneer Maker and Re-Creator
of Interest in Renaissance-Period
Capped Reed Instruments,
Capped Reed Society
is herewith established,

to actively promote the making and playing of capped reed instruments such as Crumhorns, Cornamuses, Kelhorns and Rauschpfeiff, to collect, archive and make available suitable music for such instruments, as well as collect and maintain historical documentation of their physical and cultural evolution on a continuing basis. Arranging of seminars, workshops, discussion groups, teaching, composing and performing of capped reed music shall be encouraged and promoted through use of common channels of communication.

Membership is open to anyone interested in contributing to the above stated goals. A website named http://www.cappedreedsociety.org has been created to access general Capped Reed Society information and announcements. A listing of capped reed instrument makers, reed makers, and service shops for such instruments will be posted and updated on the society’s website. A database of postal and e-mail addresses of society members shall be created and maintained, but made accessible only to enlisted members.

Created, organized and maintained
by George Kelischek
March 28th 2014