Music for Capped Reeds

Here we will provide an overview of sheet-music for Capped Reed instruments, its availability in print and – if possible – a direct weblink to where it can be purchased. If you know about any unlisted sheet-music, its availability status and/or order possibility, please let us know, so we will be able to update our listings.

The listings may show Closed-Consort (all instruments of one kind) and Broken-Consort editions (instruments of different kinds). Some editions may be only for 9-note instruments (“Nine Is Fine” editions for example), while others may require instruments with extension keys. All crumhorn music can also be played on the Kelhorn.

Capped Reeds Companion – Tutor for Crumhorn – Cornamuse & Kelhorn by George Kelischek. Link to Seller

The Crumhorn by Edgard Hunt  A concise method for the crumhorn and other wind-cap instruments. Link to Seller

How to Play Crumhorn, Cornamuse or Curtall by Goerg Wilhem von Hantelmann  This manual is designed to help musicians engaged in the art of rendering period music authentically on instruments of the Renaissance Era such as the crumhorn or other capped-reed instruments. Link to Seller

Pieces and Exercises for Crumhorn by Helmut Mönkemeyer  Album of pieces and exercises in four volumes for the crumhorn, cornamuse, curtall and other wind instruments of the Renaissance and Baroque era. Link to Seller

  • Volume 1 is for 2 instruments with intervallic fifth relationship.
  • Volume 2 is no longer available in print.
  • Volume 3 is for 2 instruments with intervallic eighth relationship.
  • Volume 4 is for 2 instruments – Alto and Tenor.

Music for Crumhorns by London Pro Musica Editions. Link to Seller

  • Volume 1 – 43 pieces in 4 and 5 parts.
  • Volume 2 – 24 Pieces in 5 and 6 parts.
  • Volume 3 – 33 pieces in 3, 4 and 5 parts.

Krummy Kuartet for Krummhorn Konsort by John R. Phelps. Link to Seller

  • Volume 1 – Published in 1977. Music for SATB crumhorns or recorders.
  • Volume 2 – Published in 1987. Music for SATB crumhorns or recorders, including score and part sheets.

Nine is Fine Series  These pieces are arranged for instruments with a limited range of nine notes by John S. Kitts-Turner. Capped reeds (crumhorns, kelhorns, etc.), gemshorns and recorders will find them playable. Link to Seller

  • Volume I – Nine pairs of Morris and English country dances in SAT (Soprano/Alto/Tenor) and SATB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) voicings.
  • Volume II – Nine Renaissance Dances in SATB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) voicings.
  • Volume III – This volume contains nine more Renaissance dances in SATB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) voicings.
  • Volume IV – Nine Renaissance dances in AATB (Alto/Alto/Tenor/Bass) voicings.
  • Volume V – Nine pairs of English and Early American songs and dances in SAT (Soprano/Alto/Tenor) and SATB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) voicings.
  • Volume VI – 33 Christmas songs in SAT (Soprano/Alto/Tenor).
  • Volume VII – Love Songs of the Renaissance, 22 settings in SAT (Soprano/Alto/Tenor) voicings.
  • Volume VIII – Eight Dances from Terpsichore in SAATB (Soprano/Alto/Alto/Tenor/Bass) voicings.
  • Volume IX – Three sets of three Dances from Terpsichore in SATB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) voicings.
  • Volume X – Various Renaissance Pieces in SATB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) voicings.
  • Volume XI – Nine More Dances from Terpsichore in SAATB (Soprano/Alto/Alto/Tenor/Bass) voicings.

Niccolò da Perugia, 14th Century Ballate  Music for Tenor voice and instruments (Recorders, Crumhorns, Vielle) arranged by David Sprenkle. Score and parts. Link to Seller

Fahr Hin Gut’s Liedelein by Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612). Music for Recorders, Crumhorns or Viols. Score and Parts for SSATTB (Soprano/Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Tenor/Bass) voicings. Link to Seller

Guardan Almo Pastore by Francesco Corteccia  Wedding of Cosimo I and Eleanora of Toledo, Court de’ Medici 1539. Sextet for SATATB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Alto/Tenor/Bass) Crumhorns or Recorders. Score and Parts. Link to Seller

Vive le Roy, Fanfare for Recorders and/or Capped Reeds by J. de Pres  Arranged by Ralph Vaughn for S/A A/T TTB Recorders or SATTB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Tenor/Bass) Capped Reed Instruments. Link to Seller

Delights of the Troubadour Age (SATB) by Jorg F. Voss  Seven SATB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) quartet settings for Gemshorns, Recorders, or Crumhorns. Scores only. Link to Seller

Two Fantasias on Troubadour Songs (SATB) by Jorg F. Voss  In SATB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) quartet settings for Gemshorns, Recorders, or Crumhorns. Scores and parts for Recorders and Viols. Link to Seller

Carol of the Shepherd Child (SATB) by Jorg F. Voss  Music for voice with keyboard or SATB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) recorder or viol quartet or Crumhorn quartet, or SAB (Soprano/Alto/Tenor) trio. Score and parts. Link to Seller